About us

Years of experience

Tila has been a player on the wood
product markets since 1994, and
has, in this time, gathered a
vast amount of experience,
crucial for this branch.

A family business

The leadership and the ownership
of the company are in family hands,
which means that the efforts for
success, growth and a job well
done are that much higher.

Our values

We swear by high quality products.
We stick to deadlines of delivery
and payment. We are always
precise and consistent at
everything we do for our customers.

Energy self-sufficiency

Our company does not use fossil
fuels. We provide heating for our
factory from our by-products,
which is also ecologically friendly.

Certificate of quality

The FSC Certificate of quality
establishes that we are a
company who is responsible
with the treatment of forests
and that we assure sustainable
development of forests
throughout our operations.